Date: 8-11
Sermon: 8-11

Date: 8-04
Sermon: They Did not Realize it was I who Healed Them

Date: 7-28
Sermon: All

Date: 7-21
Sermon: The Time Is Ripe for My People

Date: 7-14
Sermon: I Was a Shepherd

Date: 7-7
Sermon: Are not.. the Rivers of Damascus, Better Than all the Waters of Israel

Date: 6-30
Sermon: Inherit a Double Portion

Date: 3-17
Sermon: On the Third Day I Will Reach my Goal

Date: 3-10
Sermon: Learning to Trust

Date: 3-3
Sermon: First Things First

Date: 2-17
Sermon: And Now for Something Completely Different

Date: 2-10
Sermon: Turn and Be Healed

Date: 1-27
Sermon: The Crux of the Matter


Date: October 7th
Sermon: All in the Family

Date: September 30th
Sermon: Be at Peace

Date: September 23rd
Sermon: The Servant of All

Date: September 16th
Sermon: At What Price?

Date: September 9th
Sermon: Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs

Date: September 2nd
Sermon: Keep Your Tradition

Date: August 26th
Sermon: Hard Teaching

Date: August 12th
Sermon: Tell Me More About Jesus

Date: August 5th
Sermon: Letters to Friends

Date: July 29th
Sermon: Letter to the Romans

Date: July 22nd
Sermon: Letter to the Hebrews

Date: July 15th
Sermon: Letter to the Galatians

Date: July 1st
Sermon: First Letter to the Corinthians

Date: June 17th
Sermon: Father’s Day First and Second Letters to the Thessalonians

Date: June 10th
Sermon: Graduate Recognition Sunday Letter to the Philippians

Date: June 3rd
Sermon: Letter to the Colossians

Date: May 27th Trinity Sunday
Sermon: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Date: May 20th
Sermon: Pentecost Ripples

Date: May 13th
Sermon: Mother’s Day Why Do You Stand Here

Date: April 29th
Sermon: What Can Stand in the Way?

Date: April 22nd
Sermon: By the Name of Jesus Christ

Date: April 15th
Sermon: That Times of Refreshing May Come

Date: March 25th  Palm Sunday
Sermon:  The King Approaches

Date: March 18th  Fifth Sunday
Sermon:  of Lent What Do We Love

Date: March 11th  Fourth Sunday of Lent
Sermon:  Ugliness Transformed

Date: March 4th Third Sunday

Sermon:  of Lent More Precious Than Gold

Date: February 4th
Sermon: Some Alone Time

Date: February 4th
Sermon: Some Alone Time

Date: February 25th
Sermon:A Life Lost

Date: January 28th
Sermon: Violently and with a Shriek

Date: January 21st
Sermon: Fishing for People


Date: December 17th
Sermon: “The Baptizer”

Date: December 10th
Sermon: “Prepare the Way for the Lord”

Date: November 5th
Sermon: “Everything They Do Is Done for People to See”

Date: October 8th
Sermon: “What Have We Done?”

Date: October 15th
Sermon: “Lost in the Mail”

Date: October 22th
Sermon: “Check is in the Mail”

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