Sermon Notes

Oct. 4th:  18th Sunday after Pentecost, World Communion Sunday
Liturgist: TBD
Scripture: Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20; Phil. 3:4b-14
Title:  Law
Theme: We will read and comprehensively look at God’s 10 Words to the Israelites. We’ll get an assist from Paul in his letter to the Philippians on how to apply the Law to our modern-day lives.

Oct. 11th: 19th Sunday after Pentecost
Liturgist: TBD
Scripture: Exodus 32:1-14; Matthew 22:1-14
Title: Fear
Theme: What does it mean to have “fear of the Lord?” How is that fear different than the kind we allow to manifest in our lives? Listen and ponder what we might do as children of God to embrace the fear of the Lord and turn over our worldly fears and anxieties to God.

Oct. 18th: 20th Sunday after Pentecost
Liturgist: TBD
Scripture: Exodus 33:12-23; Matthew 22:15-22
Title: Faith
Theme: Do you belong to God? If so, how do you show that faith in the world? How does your faith inform your action? Listen to how God’s claim on our lives calls us to a certain way of life.

Oct. 25th: 21st Sunday after Pentecost
Liturgist: Sally Campbell
Scripture: Deut. 34:1-5; Lev. 19:1-2, 15-18; Matthew 22:34-40
Title: Forecast: Partly Holy?
Theme: Do you think of yourself as holy? We’ll take a pretty close look at what holiness means through the lens of Scripture and apply it to our own lives today.

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