Fairview Presbyterian Church


How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds!

“Be filled with the Holy Spirit singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts. And give thanks for everything to God our Father in the Name of Jesus Christ.”

The above scripture is my motive for writing this newsletter article. I was given a mission to inform my Fairview friends out there in the pews why I sing in our choir. Oh, I know you must think it’s because of my fabulous voice (very wrong) or the fact that I read music (what note?). I must admit, singing in the Fairview choir allows me the freedom to enjoy what I treasure about Fairview and my spiritual journey on earth. Paul, in the book of Ephesians (5:18-20) actually encourages believers to sing, since songs are truly spiritual poems of the Spirit. When arriving to choir practice, I can hear music trickling through the double doors of our sanctuary and somehow, no matter how my day went, I feel thankful to be there.

I am sure you have experienced the same feeling when speaking a psalm or singing a hymn. It is a deep feeling we are allowed to touch and share something divine. Choir gives you more personal time with Christ, as the lyrics often speak so eloquently how we feel about our Creator. It is an opportunity to recognize our need to give praise and gratitude without distraction. Honestly, choir is also about friendship and fellowship. I love my fellow choir mates dearly. They will always offer you a smile and warm hello. Lisa Grimsley, our choir director, will always make you laugh, and at the same time say a prayer that humbles us all. C.Ann, our pianist, is without a doubt the constant gentle force that binds our together. So now, do you have any excuse not to sing with us? Advent and Christmas is quickly approaching, and you must not pass up singing in our Christmas Cantata!! I absolutely adore this church season. Come, we invite you to sing with us. I promise you will be amazed how sweet the name of Jesus sounds!

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