From Our Interim Pastor

Stephanie Bishop

Dear Fairview:

The Fall has officially arrived. The cooler temperatures came early this year, and I’m struggling to know whether to be grateful for that or not! You see, I am so very cold-natured, and add to that our plan for outdoor worship this month, and I see myself shivering already.

In spite of the temperature, though, my heart will be warmed by seeing some of your faces, even behind your masks. From my conversations with many of you, dialogue with other ministers, and even just from my own feelings, I sense that we are all weary of the way things are—that heading into the winter months without changing things up for a moment, at least, would be further detriment to our psyches. Those of us planning these worship services outside are excited about the opportunity to offer you all these moments of gathering together—socially-distanced as they might be—and pray that you will be bolstered by not only the worship but also the companionship.

As I write this, I wonder what the quality of worship will be like for you at home. If you have enjoyed our virtual worship services and are unable to attend our in-person service, will you be disappointed with the service as it comes to you not only later in the day but very different in style and appearance? We hope you will give us feedback early in the month so we can make some necessary changes if possible.

I also want to take the time once again to introduce you to the new leadership you have elected. Lynn Curry, Carlos Bascas, and Janet Russell will be serving as elders, Class of 2022, and come aboard enthusiastic about serving Fairview during this unprecedented time in her history. Debi Hancock has now been ordained (welcome to ordered ministry in the PC(USA), Debi!), and has been installed along with Allison Bascas and Jeff Gross as members of the Diaconate. The boards will both be meeting soon, doing some regrouping and restructuring, and I look forward to seeing how we can bring new shape and spiritual growth to the congregation of Fairview this coming year.

Friends, this famous quote that someone once said, “I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future” can give us some peace right now. The seasons are changing, but the “who holds our future” remains steadfast. Let us trust in that, love one another, and walk boldly into the future knowing God is steering us and loving us all the while.

Peace and Blessings,

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