Fairview Fellowship

Monday Morning Bible Study

Fall, 2021 Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke.

In the Gospel of Luke, the author wrote that a once-for-all-time trajectory had occurred that would forever change the course of humanity. This “something,” which we Christians know as the coming of Jesus the Christ, his ministry, death, and resurrection is well-known to us. However, it is so familiar that we, like Jesus’ contemporaries, may forget to see Jesus as the political, social, and religious “rabble rouser” that our Messiah was. In the words of the Presbyterian pastor and scholar Thomas W. Walker, “Something has happened…Something has happened that offers ‘truth’ and sense to the complexity of the world, order in the midst of chaos, hope in the midst of darkness, and a narrative in the midst of a cacophony of competing claims.”

Does this statement sound like something relevant for us today? In these days of a Covid-19 world with churches closing and then cautiously re-opening in the shadow of a mutant Delta variant, global and economic unrest, ecological breakdowns, social distancing and masks, and an uncertain future for us all, the Gospel of Luke offers an invitation of hope to a Covid-weary world.

I would like to explore the richness of Luke’s Gospel with the hope of making sense theologically of this “once-in-a-century” event that has affected us so deeply. Please plan to join me in the Fellowship Hall on Monday, September 13, to begin a study on this amazing Gospel. All you will need is your Bible and a desire to know more about Jesus’ impact during his own time and-reaching through the centuries-to us today. We will meet every other Monday from 9:30 to noon, and bringing a light lunch is encouraged. I hope to see many of you on 9/13/21.

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