June 4th
Title:"Called to Service"
Scripture: Numbers 11:24-30 & Acts 2:1-21
Thought for Reflection: Most often we think of God's calling as being active. While this is most often the case it runs the real risk of the disciple inadvertently putting him or herself at the center of the story. This is God's story and God's will must be done even if it leads the disciple to a mission of sacrifice rather than praise.

June 11th & 18th
Guest:Rev. Dr. Cecelya Taylor* will be preaching on the Psalter

June 25th
Sermon Title:“The Audacity of Laughter”
Scripture: Romans 5:1-8 & Genesis 18:1-15
Thought for Reflection: It can be hard, even for the most devout servants of God, to recognize that God isn't limited by creation the way we created beings are. God has a habit of surprising us with miraculous occurrences - we just need to keep our eyes, ears, and minds open to see God's continual working in our world.

July 2nd
Title:“Grace Sufficient”
Scripture: Romans 6:1b-11 & Genesis 21:8-21
Thought for Reflection: Those of us in the Judeo-Christian world can sometimes act as if we have an "all-access" pass to God while the rest of the world is left out of God's promises. Our story today reminds us that God has a way of confounding our orthodoxy - proof that God isn't constrained by human constructs or understandings.

July 9th
Title:“The Lord Will Provide”
Scripture: Romans 6:12-23 & Genesis 22:1-14
Thought for Reflection: We often profess that we believe in God's providence but too often we live as if we don't. It takes a leap of faith to trust that God will take our time, our talent, our material resources, even our very lives and use them to build God's Kingdom. Pray that God's Spirit will grant us the courage to trust and obey.

July 16th
Title:“Why Is this Happening?”
Scripture: Romans 8:1-11 & Genesis 25:19-34
Thought for Reflection: The story of Jacob and Esau is a microcosm of what happens when love, and there-fore justice, is distributed unequally - it leads to enmity between brothers. Imagine how despised unrelated persons can be to one another when fortune shines more brightly on some than others.

July 23rd
Title:“Dreams of Promise”
Scripture: Romans 8:1-11 & Genesis 28:10-19a
Thought for Reflection: When the modern person reads Holy Scripture it's easy to slip into a belief that God spoke to the ancients more clearly and more frequently than God seems to do today. We need to remember that God's will for the future was revealed in Jacob's vision - that nothing impeded the connection between the Creator and the created.

July 30th
Title:“A Crafty Father”
Scripture: Romans 8:12-25 & Genesis 29:15-28
Thought for Reflection: Laban, the father of Rachel and Leah has always struck me as something of a scoundrel - tricking poor Jacob into marrying his eldest daughter before giving the hand of the one he truly loved and getting fourteen years of labor out of him to boot! It doesn't seem fair, if you put yourself in Jacob's shoes but what if you are in Laban's? He does the unorthodox and unexpected act to redeem his child; here are echoes of all encompassing love.

August 6th
Title:“Facing God”
Scripture: Romans 9:1-5 & Genesis 32:22-31
Thought for Reflection: Most disciples won't face God in the same way Jacob did, grappling all night on the bank of the Jabbok but this foundational story of this family that will become a nation called Israel - to which we Christians are engrafted tells what it will be like to worship and serve the God who created the cosmos. It's not always an easy encounter. Sometimes we will struggle and fail but ultimately, we will receive the blessing of God.

*Cecelya A. Taylor
*A native of Atlanta, Georgia, the middle daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt Taylor, Cecelya completed her primary, middle and secondary education in the Atlanta Public School System. After attending Spelman College she earned a B.A. from the University of Georgia. She was graduated cum laude Emory University with a Master of Theological Studies. She also received the Master of Divinity with high honors from Johnson C. Smith Seminary at the Interdenominational Theological Center. She received her Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Spirituality from Columbia Theological Seminary.
*She serves the community and advocates for social justice issues by serving on the Board of Directors of The Jerusalem House and Clifton Sanctuary Ministries. She holds membership in several professional, civic and ecclesiastical organizations. Music, reading, playing golf are her favorite pastimes as well as traveling, attending plays and concerts.

Rev. Dr. Taylor's
*Rev. Dr. Taylors ecclesiastical experience as a licensed and ordained Baptist minister includes serving the congregation of Liberty Baptist Church as an assistant pastor for youth ministry and the congregation of Olivett Baptist church as an assistant pastor. She provided counseling and pastoral care as a chaplain at Crawford W. Long Hospital. Dr. Taylor is a minister member of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. She pastored the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Decatur for ten years.