May 5th
Title:"Do You Love Me?"
Scripture:Acts 9:1-6 & John 21:1-19
Thought for Reflection: What is the primary motivation of faith? Too many Christians, it seems, operate out of fear of God's wrath. That's too bad, for when we are motivated by love for Jesus our faith walk is so much more fulfilling.

May 12th Mother's Day
Title:"My Sheep Listen to My Voice"
Scripture:"Psalm 118:14-29 & John 20:19-31"
Scripture: Acts 9:36-43 & John 10:22-30
Thought for Reflection: Theologians teach that grace is irresistible. We are called by God to be God's People. Let us pray that we have our ears, hearts, and minds open to what God is calling us to be and do.

May 19th
Title:"The Son of Man is Glorified"
Scripture: Acts 11:1-18 & John 13:31-35
Thought for Reflection: This pericope comes immediately after the Passover meal when Jesus washed the disciples feet and modeled servant-leadership. The order of these things is important. Only by becoming humble first do followers of Jesus become, like him, glorified.

May 26th Memorial Day Weekend
Guest PreacherKristina Robb-Dover