Fairview Presbyterian Church History

Fairview Presbyterian Church was established on August 9, 1823 when 13 people ". . .desiring to enjoy the privileges and discipline of a church as soon as possible?" gathered on a hill west of Lawrenceville to ". . . c heerfully and solemnly pledge ourselves to each other and to the great Head of the Church to endeavor henceforward to walk in all the commitments of the Lord." Today, some 190 years later, worshipers gather in the original church building on the same site chosen by the Founding Thirteen Members. Fairview is the oldest church in the Atlanta Presbytery. As communities in the surrounding area grew and prospered, members or pastors of Fairview moved on to establish other congregations: what is now Norcross Presbyterian was founded by Fairview members, as was Lawrenceville Presbyterian. Longtime Fairview pastor Reverend John S. Wilson became pastor at Decatur Presbyterian, and subsequently founded First Atlanta Presbyterian. For more than 190 years, from what began as forest outpost to what has become a sanctuary in the midst of a bustling metropolitan area, Fairview Presbyterian Church remains a contributor to our community, a refuge for worshipers, and a place where all are welcome.

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