From Our Pastor Yours in Christ

From Our Pastor

Rob Sparks IV

I think my all-time favorite Presbyterian joke is: "How many Presbyterians does it take to change a lightbulb?"



A coda to that punchline is, "You can't change that lightbulb, my grandmother donated it to the church!"

This anecdote may illustrate our collective reluctance to any alterations in our church home, but, darned the torpedoes, Fairview is going to try something different.

It was announced Sunday, April 28th but, since that's the, typically, more sparsely attended Sunday after Easter, I'm going to reiterate here in the Fairviews and News: the office will no longer be open to the public on Fridays. This change comes at the request of Margo and Fairview's Administrative Committee has decided to grant her request on a trial basis, starting the week of May 6th - 10th, the 10th being the first weekday the office won't be open. Monday through Thursday hours will be extended a bit from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

As you probably know, most Fridays find me at the library working on Sunday's sermon but the voicemail system at the church has the capability to send emailed notifications when someone has left a message on the church's landline. Truthfully, the only people who call the office looking to talk to the pastor aren't members of the church - church members call on my cell phone and that number is printed on the back of every bulletin.

Mostly, what we're foreseeing being missed are sales calls and facility requests that can be returned on Monday. Occasionally, there may be a call from one of the local funeral parlors needing to access the cemetery to inter a non-

Again, this is a trial basis for the summer, we'll reassess around Homecoming and see if this should be a permanent change or if we need to go back to having someone in the office five days a week, but until then feel free to visit Margo Monday through Friday!

Yours in Christ,